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Meeting Archive

05/05/2023 – Copenhagen

Electrifying the industry & steps on the ETB Priorities

The 32nd meeting started with a presentation about electromobility by Jonas Odermalm (Volvo Group), followed by Anja van Niersen (Milence) on charging infrastructure. Then, Clinton Bemont (Maxwell + Spark) and Bernd Meurer (ZF) gave a presentation about battery and e-trailer technologies. The meeting ended with a panel discussion about electrification and ETB priorities.

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23/09/2022 – Hamburg

Disruptive Supply Chain & Industry updates

The meeting started by welcoming new members and after, the guest speaker from McKinsey gave expert insights into the disruptive supply chain. Followed by a presentation on container monitoring. Then, members discussed about the ETB priorities, updates about the trailer industry, TIP innovation and the ESG strategy. The meeting was ended with a discussion on customer portal and transformation. 
Prior to the meeting, the ETB members visited the IAA and had various in-depth meetings with industry experts. 

08/04/2022 - Amsterdam

European taxonomy & ETB priorities

First in-person meeting after COVID. Expert guest speakers from PWC gave a presentation on European taxonomy, TIP shared it’s sustainability plans. After this, TIP members gave an analysis on innovation and new developments in our industry, followed by an update on raw material cost and delivery impact.

The meeting ended with a panel discussion about the ETB priorities and potential developments, and a round table on technology.

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04/11/2021 - Online

Industry Updates and ETB Prorities

The meeting started by welcoming two new members (Thorsten Runge from P&0 Ferrymasters/ P&O Ferries Freight Services and Henrike Wilkens from TIP). After, Paul Beadle and Rogier Laan gave a presentation of TIP’s ESG strategy and Innovations. The following industry updates covered TPMS, Brexit impact and market update, presented by: Rogier Laan, Arjen Kraaij and Bart van Rens (from Ewals Cargo Care BV). The meeting was ended with a discussion about the future ETB priorities and the schedule of next year.

27/05/2021 - Online


Professor Dr. Dirk Engelhardt (from Bundesverband Güterkraftverkehr Logistik und Entsorgung) started the event by explaining the consequences of the European Mobility Package. It was followed by an update on 25 meters trailers given by Bart van Rens from Ewals Cargo Care. Then, Mark Rickhoff from Unilever Netherlands and Achim Juechter from Deutsche Post DHL Group closed the meeting with a presentation around sustainable transport, green logistics and CO2 neutral transport services.

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01/09/2020 - Online

COVID-19 Impact

Roundtable on Members impact COVID-19 in transport & logistics followed by an innovative truck-trailer online inspection demo by David Oren from UVeye.

01/10/2019 - Florence

Transport & Mobility Trends

The meeting started with a presentation from Henry Steenbergen from Rabobank on transport & mobility trends, followed by an introduction to the Plug and Play innovation platform by Mark Cuyx and Hein Thijssen.


01/05/2019 - Palma de Mallorca


New vision on telematics

After Marc Aandeweg from TIP gave a telematics and connected services update, Peter Bal from Wabco gave a presentation on Wabco’s digitization and telematics vision ending with a presentation on the future of freight forward platform by Paul Guillemin from Fretlink.

01/10/2018 - Porto


The event started with a presentation on blockchain and AI for transport & logistics by Philippe Bournhosque from IBM France, followed by a presentation on the future of the last mile by dr. Sven Gailus from McKinsey & Company, presentations on the electric vehicle pilot project, and the secured parking project by Didier Felice from TIP, and finally a presentation on highway safety for transport companies.


01/05/2018 - Valencia


After Xavier Logean from Orange Business Services gave a presentation on the impact and opportunities of digital technology in transport and logistics, John Bermudez of GT Nexus gave everyone an update on the top supply chain technology trends, Paul Beadle gave a presentation on digitization in TIP. This was followed by a presentation on the ecosystem and mutual recognition by Rogier Laan.

09/06/2017 - Milan


A presentation held by John Manners-Bell, CEO of Transport Intelligence regarding the “Death” of Globalization: What’s next for global supply chains? Including Brexit and the Trump effect. Followed by a presentation on City Logistics: The diesel bans being introduced throughout Europe have the potential to disrupt local supply chains, particularly related to retail logistics and last mile deliveries in highly populated urban areas. What impact will the ban have on the transport and logistics sector?


03/11/2016 - Dublin

Panel Discussions

Panel discussions around the EC strategy for low emission mobility, the challenges for transport, freight transport and CO2. A panel discussion around BREXIT led by Barclays, Front & Sullivan, Keswick, P&O Ferrymasters and Synchreon. A presentation by the Director Commercial Vehicles of Frost & Sullivan regarding the trends in the logistics and trucking sector followed by a presentation on how to cope with the ever increasing equipment flexibility requirements.

15/04/2016 - Nice

Emission Reduction

Sharing best practices and discussing around emission reduction. A presentation held by Sophie Punte , Executive Director of the Smart Freight Centre regarding the Smart Freight Leidership and Global Logistics Emissions Council. A presentation about the CO2 regulations in de EU: Addressing the CO2 issue via VECTO and aerodynamics by Gandert van Raemdonck who is the R&D Leader Aerodynamics and Trailer Systems at Wabco.


09/10/2015 - Warsaw

Digital Age

Sander Duivestein from Sogeti, held a presentation around the digital age of real time, this was followed by Sami Nikula from Basware, who held a presentation about digital invoicing. Willem Duijf discussed secure parking locations and Bart van Rens talked about revision EN XL1236XL. Pieter Hagendoorn from Agility then spoke about the European shared service centre and Gavin Withers closed of with a presentation around system for control.

07/11/2014 - Munich

Load security & technical implications

Matthias Stenau presented an update on Load security and technical implications. This was followed by a presentation from Christian Bϋssow on logistics 2.0. After this, there was a terminal services work-out session. In the afternoon, the ETB discussed its priorities for the coming period and Simon Bury gave a presentation around Transport & Logstics in Saudi.


09/05/2014 - Edinburgh


The meeting started with an opening and welcome by Bob fast, which was followed by a presentation held by Laurence Brown around security and the latest development around this topic. Mervyn McIntyre then gave a presentation about security for Next. After a short break, Rupert Trawöger discussed Telematics for Trawöger Transport. Bas Belder presented the implications of Sulphur regulation and the meeting was ended with a trailer data work-out led by Rogier Laan en Karl Davies.

11/11/2013 - Rome


After a TIP update by Rogier Laan and Arjen Kraaij, Christophe Vassal gave his presentation around the development of telematics which was following by a round-table discussion on telematics. After lunch, Peter Sijs presented us with an Industry update covering the latest trends and developments. This was followed by a presentation by Arjen Kraaij who explain about services, beyond leasing & rental.


01/03/2013 - Venice

Intermodal Developments

Presentation from Mr. Ulrich Sontheim on planned intermodal developments and network infrastructure investments, to facilitate bi-modal and tri-modal transportation solutions. Assets & Services Evolution – Improving existing assets & services value proposition of TIP Trailer Services and designing the future state, through an inter-active workshop amongst all ETB members.

20/06/2012 - Madrid

Tyre Developments

Presentation from Mr. Jan-Piet Huylebroeck on developments within the tyre industry, including tyre labelling and the effect on the transportation industry. The use of technology to measure tyre pressure and the effect on safety and cost, including the sharing of existing field trials. Carrier Management – Interactive work-out on adaptation of corporate standards & procedures by carriers, creating carrier loyalty and providing carrier benefits.


20/01/2012 - Malaga

The future of transport efficiency

Future, trends, solutions and outlook for the European road freight industry, aligned with the Ten-T section of the EU 2020 strategy. Remain competitive through energy efficiency, unified European transport and reduction of congestion. Service Developments – Further integration of asset intelligence telematics solutions into service delivery, preventing breakdowns and increasing transport efficiency. Innovation – Launch of smartphone apps to support efficient breakdown resolutions. For Iphone and for Android.

20/03/2011 - Vienna

Developments of the trailer industry

Sharing best practices and brainstorm on how to operate more environmental friendly; reducing CO2 emissions, improve energy efficiency and reduce water usage. Sharing test results on tyre pressure monitoring systems and start task-force team to further explore the impact of HHO additives for trucks. Presentation from Mrs. Fazilet Cinaralp from the European Tyre & Rubber Manufacturers’ Association (ETRMA), on the contribution to sustainable transport from the tyre industry. Alternative Fuels – update from Robert Goevaers on existing & new technologies (electrical power, hybrid propulsion, natural gas, dual fuel and bio-diesel) and the impact on CO2, air quality, noise, availability of alternative fuels, price and future perspectives.


01/01/2011 - Athens


Sharing best practices and brainstorm on how to operate more environmental friendly; reducing CO2 emissions, improve energy efficiency and reduce water usage. Sharing test results on tyre pressure monitoring systems and start task-force team to further explore the impact of HHO additives for trucks. Presentation from Mrs. Fazilet Cinaralp from the European Tyre & Rubber Manufacturers’ Association (ETRMA), on the contribution to sustainable transport from the tyre industry. Alternative Fuels – update from Robert Goevaers on existing & new technologies (electrical power, hybrid propulsion, natural gas, dual fuel and bio-diesel) and the impact on CO2, air quality, noise, availability of alternative fuels, price and future perspectives.

20/03/2010 - Lisbon

Eco Combis

Presentation by Mr. Alexander Sakkers – President, Transport and Logistiek Nederland, on implementation results in The Netherlands, test in other countries and developments in the EU. The ETB will post its position paper late 2010. Mutual Recognition PTI in Europe – Explanation of the Dutch Periodical Test Inspection system in Belgium and Spain, presented by Mr. Hens Peeters – Weem from the RDW. The ETB is supportive of the Dutch system, as described in the position paper. The effect of the recession on the European road. 


20/03/2009 - Berlin

Eco Combis

Interactive discussion, moderated by Mr. Joe Grealy from Transfrigoroute International, focusing on the benefits & risks of longer and heavier vehicles, by comparing modular systems and increased trailer lengths. Members don’t see many benefits in increased trailer length, however do see benefits in Eco Combis. Agreed to create a position paper, to be discussed & agreed during the next meeting. Mutual Recognition PTI – Groups to investigate potential implementation have been formed across Europe. Agreed to create a position paper, to be discussed.

20/01/2009 - London

Road Safety

Practical implications of the revised EN 12195-1 load securing norm, presented by Mr. Bart van Rens from Ewals Cargo Care, member of the Dutch National Measurement Institute. The revised norm has the full support of the European Transport Board. Aerodynamics – Effect of aerodynamics on fuel consumption, noise reduction and increased road safety, presented by Ir. Gandert van Raemdonck, Delft University of Technology. Trials with 3 companies will commence in September 2009 and results will be discussed during the next meeting.


20/06/2008 - Amsterdam

European policy on vehicle roadworthiness 

Presentation from Mr. Leo Huberts, European Commission DGTREN, regarding the European Commission’s policy on vehicle roadworthiness. This was followed by an open debate on the benefits of a mutual recognition of roadworthiness tests by all member states. Further discussions were held on the various legal instruments available to pursue acceptance of mutual recognition and the possible next steps.

20/01/2008 - Istanbul

Noise Reduction & Efficient Distribution

Interactive session with Dr. Robert Goevaers from SenterNovem, focusing on the source approach to reduce noise pollution by developing silent trailers. The silent trailer meets the required maximum of 60 dB(A) and provides the opportunity to interact with local authorities to extend delivery hours at night. Making effective use of “quiet periods” will increase the efficiency of the transport operator, increase load volume through larger vehicles, improve safety; and by avoiding peak hours, reduce traffic jams and congestion thereby reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


20/03/2007 - Brussels

Practical Solutions

Building a business case to reduce congestion & CO2 emission, increase road safety and improve the efficiency of the industry, through the mutual recognition of road worthiness tests by all EU members. Dialogue with Mrs. Inés Ayala Sender, Member of European Parliament, on EU priorities and the support of the road transport & logistics industry.

20/01/2007 - Rome

Increase Road & Cargo Safety

Interactive session with Mr. Dan Purtell, former chairman of TAPA, on cargo theft reduction and driver & road safety, based on the current trends in the industry. This included the development & adaptation of Modular Systems (Road Trains) in Europe.


20/11/2006 - Barcelona

Efficiency Improvement

Increasing the capacity of preventative and corrective maintenance services with 200% year over year, based on the ETB’s input, by investing in modern facilities & equipment. Allowing for all types of road transport companies, irrespective of the vehicle owner, to make use of GE’s facilities across Europe.

20/03/2006 - Paris

Reducing congestion

Discussion around sharing & pooling equipment and sharing freight, in order to reduce congestion and improve profitability. Increase the awareness of the importance of modal shift in particular Intermodal.

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20/03/2005 - Prague

Intelligent System

Effective use of Intelligent Systems through the creation of GE’s own FleetIntelligence, GE VeriWiseä, based on the ETB’s input and experiences. The focus of GE VeriWise™ is to increase road safety, cargo theft and decrease the number of vehicles on the road.

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