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The ETB is a pan-European centre of knowledge for the transport and logistics industry


Reduce environmental impact
Reduce congestion of road transport
Increase road safety
Increase effectiveness and efficiency


Together, we create smart solutions and drive technical innovation for a more sustainable, efficient and safe European transportation landscape. 

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How we operate?

ETB offers a pan-European, cross-borders approach to transportation, logistics and connectivity issues

ETB is the shared voice of the leading European companies in transport and logistics regarding knowledge and pragmatic action

ETB has no conflict of interest with other trade associations

Dealing with the ETB offers direct access to a fleet of 300,000+ transportation vehicles

ETB board members are able to provide key data needed for the EU

ETB is a Board that provides neutral solutions to EU problems from a clear and honest business perspective

Board History

The ETB was founded in 2005 as the Customer Advisory Board to TIP Trailer Services. The reach of knowledge, competence and synergy within the Board proved so significant and valuable, that it was decided the Board should extend its focus to being the industry’s representative and voice. TIP Trailer Services is the initiator of the ETB and acts as the facilitator for the ETB.

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